Why Do I Need Dainty Robes?

January 5, 2017


Your a mum, dad, auntie, uncle, grandma, granddad or a friend.  A special little one has arrived, so many milestones to mark! 


The birth, baptismal, 1st Birthday, Christmas, Easter, Halloween.....ok too far! 


It can be difficult to choose something that is practical, special and personal. 


Want to make it Personal and thoughtful?

Add a name for free, maybe even a nickname would be a super personal touch.


Are you the type who would rather see a gift go to good use? 

Make it a practical then , a robe can be used for after the bath, before bedtime, maybe up in grandma's to help them settle the little one when mum and dad are getting a well deserved date night.


Do you prefer to stay away from the traditional pink and blue? 

No problem, choose a fresh white robe.


So in conclusion the real question should be 'WHEN do I need Dainty Robes?' :) 


Until next time,

Love Kirsty @ Dainty Robes 


Oh P.S i have something special on route to add to the Dainty Robes family,

Keep your eyes on my social media accounts for updates.....







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