Why does my baby need a Comforter?

April 27, 2017



My little one used to be the best sleeper at night, now when she hit around 10 months, things started to change, she will wake anything from 2 to 10 times a night, sometimes just wanting the dummy, sometimes to have a little cry and sometimes (thankfully not often!) wide awake a 4am wanting to chat.... really!!??!


I also looked into methods that would help her to sleep through again and that’s when I came to baby comforters. Studies have shown that babies/toddlers who form an attachment to some kind of comforter can use it to self soothe, ideal to help them cope with being alone and getting back to sleep. This in turns increases their independence and reduces any stress and separation anxiety.


After reading this I was all in, it has been a few weeks but I can definitely see a difference, even being able to fall asleep at night in the cot again on her own, something which she always did but has been struggling with recently.



** Safety Notice**

It is recommended that Comforters should not be left in a cot with a baby under 6 months



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