Dainty Robes Recommends: New Baby Must Haves

July 20, 2017

As a mummy to my little Hannah (now 14 months) I always get asked by expectant and new mums what are my essentials.


Now there are the essentials- the nappies, the sleep suits , the formula, those are obvious , But I wanted to put together a list of just some of MY essentials , those things that REALLY made my life easier, kept my mind at ease and generally kept me sane :)


1) Nursing Pillow

I will start with something I used from literally the minute I got back from the hospital.

Now before I got pregnant I had never heard of these amazing balls of fluff, but I got so much use from this.

From being a soft place from mum to sit after the birth ( too much information?!) to its main use feeding the little one, either breast or bottle fed, then on to sitting the little ones in it also.


It is so simple but the shape of this unique pillow made it one of my must haves , especially for those night feeds when the tiredness really kicks in!


I got mine gifted but JoJo Maman Bébé have some beautiful ones at a reasonable price here 




2) Bath

Now of course there is always the sink -which is as good as any! But as a 1st time parent - with little/no experience with babies I found the bath a bit of a scary thought - but I should not have worried as we got an amazing bath very similar to this - I cannot find the exact one online anymore.


At the beginning we just took it into the living room and bathed her and then moved it into the bath once she discovered how to splash! The seat just made bathing a newborn so easy, no trying to hold on for dear life and cleaning them at the same time!



3) Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Perfect Prep Machine

If you choose not to breast feed or like me and it just didn't work out - your best friend should indeed be the Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Machine.

Now I know some people are against this and that is their choice, however I did speak to my mid-wife before I purchased and she did not have any objections.

We purchased this when Hannah was about 3 weeks old and boy was it a game changer! No more panicking over the bottle being too hot - or frantically trying to cool it under cold water - I don't know about anyone else but when Hannah got hungry, it was a bit of a zero to 100 situation in 10 seconds. Being able to get a bottle out in 1 minute saved my sanity!


I recommend to Purchase at Asda or Mothercare - depending on the time of year , one of them are almost guaranteed be selling this at a big discount.



4) GroBag Baby Sleep Bags

Another product that I had never heard of before but one that I still use, it's basically a little sleeping bag for babies. They can be used from 0 months - baby must be 8.8 lbs, so I think Hannah used this from around 3 weeks onwards.

I just found this kept my mind at ease knowing that she wasn't pulling herself under the blankets or out of them too , they come in a range of togs also for summer and winter.


I have always purchased from the Grobag brand from TK Maxx





Thanks for reading - Don't forget to check out Dainty Robe's range for that special personalised touch for your little one.



Kirsty @ Dainty Robes





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